Il Cellese

The Cellar

In 2012 we discovered a little gem! An old structure, not too far from our property, that has been used as a wine cellar dating back to 1800. We were instantly and deeply impressed by the charm and history of the space. It has an unmistakable aura that you can sense upon stepping inside.

We immediately began the extensive renovations and restructuring, whilst maintaining the original striking architecture. We equipped it with all the latest technologies for winemaking, determined to make a small production of the highest quality.

The grapes from our vineyards, once harvested by hand and having selected only the best fruits, are transported in small crates, in order to preserve the freshness and ensure the integrity of the grapes, to our new production cellar.

These tunnels were used as shelters during the bombing of World War II, when this area, due to the presence of the railway, was heavily attacked.

The absolutely stunning tunnels, that naturally maintain constant temperature & humidity, thanks to the ‘tufo’ (Italian for mixture of sand & soil), represent the perfect place and combination of features for the aging of wine. The first tunnel is home to the barrel cellar. This is where the aging takes place in casks and barrels of fine French oak for periods ranging from 2-3 years for each harvest. The second tunnel is used solely for the purpose of bottling our Chianti’s, which are then aged an additional 6-12 months before entering the marketplace for sale.

We are pleased and proud to welcome visitors to our barriccaia. We will gladly arrange a tour of our cellar for anyone who loves Chianti’s and who would like to know and taste our wines in a truly unique and magical environment. We are sure that that your tour and wine tasting will be enhanced by the scents, emotions and authentic history of the space. These are feelings that we experience every time we enter the Il Cellese Cellar.